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Purchase your "Hand of Light" here for $2,000.00; all other smaller transactions (not $2,000) will be deemed 'donation only.'

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society's 'Hand for the Light'
limited-edition hand and rod makes a great gift or corporate donation while saving the last lighthouse of its kind in the world!

With your gift of $2,000 you will receive a limited edition 'Hand for the Light' (4.5" wide) complete with a certificate of authenticity.

About Our Limited Edition by Johnston Art Foundry: Using the 5000-year old lost wax process, the Johnston Art Foundry in Little Harbour has specialized in bronze sculptures in Abaco since 1952. Available for purchase at $2000 each, your unique hand and rod art piece will be hand-numbered and presented in a beautiful gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

The Johnston Art Foundry, at Little Harbour, Abaco were commissioned to reproduce our 'Hand’ using the same artisan techniques as our original. Limited editions appreciate in value and can never be reproduced.

Our Elbow Reef 1863 lighthouse was designed during the Victorian era (1837 – 1901). One of the crowning adornments left by our British engineers, is a curious bronze hand and rod doorknob on the watch room door to the upper balcony. What were the lighthouse architects wanting to convey in perpetuity with this bit of whimsy?

Aristotle described the human hand as the "tool of tools” and in the Victorian age, a hand grasping a rod symbolized the seeking of guidance or comfort in a time of need. So it seems very appropriately placed on our lighthouse. Prior to 1863, the fist and rod icon was indicative of the power of unity in victory as well as in defiance. This is particularly appropriate as one can easily picture the lighthouse standing vigilant against the elements while at the same time possessing the ability to guide and protect sea-faring voyagers.
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Act now and help us restore the Lightstation for our Nation! Your $2,000 purchase of this fine art, bronze-replica of Bahamian maritime history can be handed down through generations andtreasured as a relic of the past and a gift of hope for our future.

For delivery information, email us at or call (242) 577-0542.

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