Counseling for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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Join us in supporting survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking! Here is how your contribution helps:

  1. Connecting each survivor to therapy and covering the cost of ongoing counseling;
  1. Providing each survivor with a safe community.
Providing for the above is crucial to our country's well-being. Your donations will immediately help meet these ongoing needs!

Since our formation in 2018, we have been honored to connect both male and female survivors on a weekly basis to therapists who specialize in trauma and PTSD. Your donation will directly support the healing of survivors across the islands of The Bahamas.

We know that there are many barriers that block survivors' pursuit of therapy or counseling. Oftentimes two major barriers are cost and confidentiality. We have found several ways to overcome these barriers: offering in-person or online therapy, and allowing survivors to choose the gender, race, and spoken language of the therapist (e.g., English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, French).

Survivors have expressed how grateful they are for receiving such access through generous donors and supporters like you!
Whether male or female, young or old survivors, all have felt empowered through therapy, education, and healing.

Through your partnership and donation, we can move towards a day when sexual violence and abuse are no longer tolerated in our families and communities. Thank you in advance for supporting Our Sanctuary - our community!

"I finally have someone consistent I can talk to without judgment. I've never wanted to tell anyone all of what happened when I was young." - Anonymous

Learn more about Our Sanctuary here

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