Catholic Board of Education Schools
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For one hundred and thirty (130) years Catholic schools in The Bahamas have provided exceptional education to families of diverse backgrounds. Catholic education is a process of learning and formation. Student learning in Catholic Board of Education (CBE) schools is not solely focused on securing a place at a good college or getting a great job but learning to be responsible, civic-minded citizens.

The CBE is the second largest education system in The Bahamas and the largest private education system. The legacy of CBE schools is one of providing educational opportunities to thousands of persons throughout The Bahamas regardless of race, religion, or class. CBE remains committed to maintaining affordable fees to ensure Catholic education is accessible to as many persons as possible. The "true cost" of educating CBE students is several thousand dollars more than our annual tuition. Your support helps CBE provide an educational experience that exceeds what tuition fees and government subvention alone cannot.


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Catholic Board of Education Schools