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Located at 101 Mackey Street, The Ranfurly Homes for Children has been a safe haven for hundreds of Bahamian children since 1956.  The home provides a safe, structured environment for children who have been orphaned, sexually, physically, and emotionally abused, neglected, or abandoned.
Front Entrance of Ranfurly Homes for Children
Currently (June 2020) the Home has 38 children.  Fifteen (15) boys and Twenty-Three (23) girls.  Twenty-one of whom are direct victims of hurricane Dorian in Grand Bahama and now reside at Ranfurly.
Many of the children in the Home are recovering from serious sexual and physical abuse and are at a serious disadvantage.  All of the children are currently in the care of a private counselor and receive psychiatric care where necessary.  All of the children have been tested and evaluated for academic levels and behavioral problems. The cost of counseling is part of the expenses incurred by the Home as a necessary part of caring for the Children.

Socialization is an important part of the function of the caregivers, mentors, and all those involved in the Home.  One of our goals is to make sure that the children are not ‘warehoused’ but are encouraged to become whole people that will be able to fit into Bahamian society as well adjusted and productive citizens.  It is not where the children have come from but where we would like them to go.

The Home currently is run by a Board of Directors, an Administrator, Assist. Administrator and 9 other staff members 24-hours per day.   The cost of running the Home is approximately $631,000.00 per year and we currently receive $112,000 from the Bahamian Government.  Ranfurly is the only private, non-affiliated Children’s Home in the Bahamas.
Future goals include funding for transitional housing (The Step) a Home of Ranfurly for older residents, securing job opportunities and scholarships for outgoing residents and enhancing the current dormitory facilities at the home.
First Pod built late 2019


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