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Our Sanctuary is a Bahamian nonprofit. Our organization’s goal is to advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking in The Bahamas and the region at large.

Our Sanctuary is committed to fostering conversations about the impacts of sexual abuse and trafficking.

Our Sanctuary raises awareness and supports survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Our aim is to be a safe space for survivors by building a community where survivors are empowered to speak.

We are actively working towards a Bahamas where sexual violence is neither tolerated nor ignored and where survivors are provided the resources needed to feel protected, supported, and empowered.

Our Sanctuary collaborates with other local and international entities, whether public or private, with the purpose of protecting vulnerable children and adults from sexual exploitation and abuse for the betterment of The Bahamas and the region at large.

1 in 6 males experience sexual abuse - man's back1 in 3 females experience sexual abuse - woman's back

child sexual abuse by family membersexually abused by trusted person


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