Together helps Supporters
  • Make cashless donations
  • Track your donations
  • Stay connected
  • Collaborate
Together helps registered Community Organizations
  • Track donations received
  • Reward/recognize donors
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Annual reporting
  • Global platform


How can I donate?
  • Pick the campaign you wish to support and select “give”.
How can I ensure security when making an online payment?
  • Security is paramount to Together. This site is powered by Aliv and meets all payment and security protocols. Take a look at a privacy policy for more information

Can I request a refund?
  • Contact us at

Can I donate anonymously?
  • Yes. Only the community organizer will be provided with your information for regulatory purposes. Community Organizers are not allowed to share or use this information. 
Is there a limit on my donation?
  • Individual donations exceeding $3000 require additional government approval.
Will you be deducting VAT?
  • No.
Are there any fees?
  • Bank credit card fees and a 1% administration fee will be charged on each transaction; totaling 5% of all transactions on the site.
Do I need an account to donate?
  • It is recommended to create an account, however, donations can be made with a credit or debit card without creating an account.
How do I contact an organizer?
  • Organizers can be reached through their contact details listed on their community channels.
Can I donate from abroad?
  • Yes, donations can be received from all over the world using a Visa or Mastercard.
Can I set up a personal campaign for donations?
  • No. only registered non-profits and charities in the Bahamas can raise funds. 
How can I get help raising funds on Can someone set up a campaign on my behalf?
  • If you are a member of an organization, church, or civic group listed, consider reaching out to them to host a campaign on your behalf. We welcome new non-profits and charities to join and host campaigns on behalf of their causes and communities.


How can I start a “community”?Ensure you have a valid non-profit registration with the Department of Inland Revenue or a registered business license. Complete the  Start a Community form and attach the necessary documents. All community applications will undergo an approval process which may include an interview. Once approved as a Community, you can then build and publish campaigns. Share campaigns with family and friends using social media features.
Do I have to set a goal?
  • Yes, each campaign must have a goal.
How do I withdraw funds?
  • Log into your community manager profile and select Withdrawals from the drop-down menu
  • Ensure you configure your bank account details.  The bank account name MUST match the registered charity name.
  • ALIV will facilitate withdrawals every month.
How do I solicit donations?
  • Build a campaign, set a target, and publish it on the site. Share using the social media functions as well as by inserting the HTML code into other digital sites.
What can I raise money for?
  • As a registered community organization, you determine what sorts of campaigns you want to raise money for and you must update your donors once a campaign is completed. 
How long can a campaign continue?
  • Campaigns can last a maximum of 3 months and a minimum of one week.
Is my island supported?
  • Yes, any registered organization within The Bahamas and approved by ALIV can use the Together platform.


Donations are non-refundable via Aliv Together platform. After making an online donation, donors seeking a refund must contact the Community Organizer directly.
Please note that Charities/Communities are not required to approve refund requests and only receive donations every month and they will not likely be able to return any funds until they have withdrawn campaign donations.


For donors who have donated anonymously, Community Organizers are not made aware of your personal details. The Together platform sends all donations to the Campaign Organizer and cannot intervene once payment has been made. Please contact at if you have concerns about a campaign or Community listed on the site. Additionally, if you feel that your donation was misused or that the Campaign Organizer you donated to has committed fraud, you may fill out our Campaign Inquiries Form to alert us.After our investigation, Together will update you and all decisions made by the site administrators are final.
More questions? contact us at


At any time, our team may pause or cancel a campaign without notice. This may be for several reasons and is aimed at guarantying the privacy, security, and or transparency of all fundraising; in the spirit of the app. Our team will send an email notifying the Community/Campaign Organizer and remove the campaign from the app and web, preventing further donations. The donor will be notified as well following an investigation. After an investigation, Together has the right to cancel any campaign and or prohibit/ban any donor or community from further fundraising via the app. Any funds already raised may be refunded to the donors (if not yet paid to the community) if there is evidence of fraudulent activity. In all cases of suspected fraud, the relevant government and legal bodies will be notified and local laws will be applied.


The Intellectual Property rights, including copyright and trademarks that exist in Services, software, and Our Equipment are owned by Us and Our licensors and are protected by Bahamian and international laws. By supplying You with Services and software, We are not transferring or assigning ownership of any Intellectual Property rights in or relating to the Services and or software. Where We create Intellectual Property rights during or as a result of the supply by Us of Services, software, and devices to You, We shall own all such Intellectual Property rights.You agree not to infringe, misappropriate, discredit, dilute or violate Our Intellectual Property rights or any third party in any way. Except for a limited license to use the Services. Your purchase of Services does not grant You any license to copy, modify, reverse engineer, download, redistribute, or resell Our intellectual property or the intellectual property of others related to the Services.Intellectual Property may be used only with Our Services unless expressly authorized by Us.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


To be listed and operate as a community organizer, your establishment must be a registered organization.The application form includes the following request for details.

Application Filed Validation Details
Name of Community Registered Business Address
Operating Name of Community Operating name (public-facing).
Organization Category Choose from Dropdown Menu:
  • Arts & Culture
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Educational Advancement
  • Social Service/Special Needs
  • Sports
  • Civic Engagement
  • Faith & Spirituality
Description of Community Describe the type of organization and area of focus.
Community Organization Phone Main phone for the organization (must be in-service)
Community Organization Email address General email address for the organization (must be in-service)
Website The general website address for the organization (must be in-service)
Year Established Date of first registration (Must be a foundation, non-profit or Academic Institution registration)
Current Registration Expiration Date of current business registration expiration. Must be valid at least 6 months from the date of application.
Business Address Complete business address
Primary Contact Person Name Name of Primary Contact and responsible role
Primary Contact Home Address Primary Contact Home Address
Primary Contact Email Address Primary Contact Email Address
Mailing Address for the Organization Valid Postal Address for the organization
Bank Details – Campaign Funds Issuance Account Holder:
Account Number:
Swift Code:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Payee Address:
Organizer Treasurer Name (if existing)  
Treasurer Contact Person Name Name of Treasurer
Treasurer Contact Home Address Treasurer Home Address
Treasurer Contact Email Address Treasurer Email Address
Community Organizer Questionnaire and Agreement Need recommendations from legal to indemnify Aliv and ensure we have evidence of their prior agreement
Upload of Business License Attach a legible PDF or JPEG of the organization's business license.


How does it work?

A Together Bahamas digital raffle campaign is where supporters can make a donation/ purchase tickets for the chance to win prizes from organizations currently using the platform. The proceeds from these raffles are used by the organizations to support a specific campaign or initiative.

Winners are selected through the electronic picker on a specified drawing date (determined by the organization) and prizes are assigned to the winners as they are drawn. Prizes are provided and managed solely by the organization/campaign managers.


How are tickets purchased?

Ticket amount is specified directly within the campaign by the organization and can range from $5 or more (i.e. If a ticket cost within a campaign is $5 and you make a donation of $20, that would be equivalent to 4 tickets/raffle entries). Donations can be made on the Together Bahamas platform using a credit or debit card.

How are tickets distributed? Do I receive a confirmation email when I purchase a raffle ticket?

Yes. When a donation is made to the raffle campaign (or raffle ticket is purchased through the Together Bahamas platform), donors will automatically receive a confirmation email from Together Bahamas informing them of their donation, how many tickets or raffle entries were received and their unique ticket numbers.   


How do I setup or edit my recurring donations?

To set up a recurring donation, login to your account/profile on Together Bahamas and select the “recurring donations” option. Select the campaign, specify your amount and date for recurring donations to occur. Complete payment information.

To stop an existing recurring donation, you must log in into your account and go to your Recurring Donations section. You will have the option to edit the amount, date and campaign. You will also have the option to suspend (can be reactivated at any time) or delete permanently.

Together Bahamas does not have access to any of your payment information regarding these donations, so we are unable to help you complete these actions.


What if the card I use for recurring donations expires?

In cases where the automatic update doesn’t function and the recurring donation is suspended, follow the instructions here to set up new recurring donations with your new credit card inform.

Will I be notified before/after a recurring donation is processed?

You will receive an automated email after your donation is processed. Your recurring donation will be charged on the same date each month, but you will not be notified in advance of the donation. If your card is unable to be charged, we will notify you via email so that you may update your credit card information.

 “Opt In” Opportunities:

  1. At checkout – At the point of completing the transaction (“GIVE”), an option to “SET UP RECURRING DONATIONS” will be available. If the donor is a registered member, they will be taken directly to the set-up page. If not, the donor will be required to register as a member to set up recurring donations.
  2. Within the campaigns – Adjacent to the “GIVE” button located on the campaign page, the “SET UP RECURRING DONATIONS” option will also be visible. If the donor is a registered member, they will be taken directly to the set-up page. If not, the donor will be required to register as a member to set up recurring donations.
  3. Member Profile – Within the “My Profile” option, the “RECURRING DONATIONS” option will be available, and member will be directed to the set-up page.